The Sociology Graduate Program was founded in 1970. It was the first program in the human sciences field to be established in the Federal District and it is considered a pioneer in its field in Brazil. Today it is one of the most traditional programs in the nation that produces respected researchers and professors in the area. The program offers master’s and doctoral degrees in Sociology (both tought courses) and hosts students and researchers from different parts of the world in a post-doctoral internships program.
The faculty is constantly renewed and is entirely composed of full-time professors with doctorate degrees from the most important academic centers in Brazil and around the world. The most important publishers and Journals in the field carry their books and academic articles.
In 2013 the program was organized into one concentration area named Society and Transformation, and into 7 research areas intended to structure the research conducted by professors and students, the courses offered, and the study groups.
The program is affiliated to the National Research and Graduate Studies Association (ANPOCS) and the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO).